Everything you need to know about a remote job at crossover?

Everything you need to know about remote job at crossover?

Hiring process

Hiring Process
Joining Email from Crossover

CCAT Preparation

  1. Practice, Practice, and Practice.
  2. Try to attempt all 50 questions and focus on low hanging fruits (easy questions).
  3. Skip the questions that are not solved in the first 5-10 seconds or are lengthy.
  4. Don’t use paper for calculation as it takes more time, try mental calculation to find the answers quickly.
  5. You are not supposed to find the complete solution to the questions and need to pick the appropriate option.
  6. Read articles on Medium or Tedtalks of your interests to improve your English vocabulary and that shall help you score well in the test.

RemoteU — 4 weeks of rigorous training

Email to join RemoteU!
RemoteU Graduation Email

How does it change my life?

The flexibility of Remote Work

Time efficiency

Critical Thinking

Professional Growth

Personal Growth

No Effect on my work during Coronavirus




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